Remote Learning

Arrangements for Remote Learning

I thank you for your cooperation and patience as we develop and implement means for remote learning. Throughout the week, some parts of our original plan have evolved, but the core aspects of our approach remain the same. Beginning next Monday, we will transition to offering remote learning opportunities for all students through Google Classrooms and SeeSaw. The processes, tools and delivery style within these two methods will continue to evolve, as our teachers continue to be upskilled in their use of multiple digital tools to support learning. This process is going to be a steep learning curve for all. Our aim is to tailor our processes and methods based on feedback and experience.


Teaching and Learning programs

Kinder to Year 2 will access their daily learning through the SeeSaw App. Individual logins have been sent home with many students already. For those who have not received them, please contact and collect them from the school reception as soon as possible. Year 3 to Year 6 daily will access their daily learning through Google Classrooms. Most Year 3 to Year 6 students have accessed these already from school this term and are familiar with the interface. There will be plenty of activities to do they do not require a device. Just like any other school day you need to schedule breaks for your child. REMEMBER to be marked as attending school we need evidence students are engaged in remote learning activities.


Support and Resources

We have developed specific information and resources for parents and students on our school website. Please follow the appropriate links in the ‘Remote Learning’ section of our website to access information regarding remote learning. These pages will be updated regularly, so please check them regularly.



Individual teachers will provide their email contacts via Google Classroom and SeeSaw to the appropriate classes. Teachers will be able to respond to emails between the times of 9.00am and 3.30pm each day. Together with some aspects of video messaging and the in-built capacity of many Google Apps, students and teachers will be able to communicate regularly and effectively with each other within normal school hours. Normal school inquiries should be directed to


Videoconferencing and Connecting

It is expected that there will be some forms of live communication between students and teachers with the Zoom App. However, the protocols and means for this are still in the early stages of development. We are taking the necessary time to upskill teachers and staff to be able to easily connect with students, communicate in real-time and facilitate quality teaching and learning. Our aim is to get students connected face-to-face over video conferencing with their teachers and peers as soon as possible. I encourage all families to download and install the videoconferencing tool

Soon, we will be adding links to our school website in the Remote Learning section with links to scheduled Zoom meetings. To ensure safety and privacy, we will provide the code to enter these meetings via SeeSaw, Google Classroom and the SZapp. Examples of regular Zoom meetings might include weekly links to connect with some of our specialist teachers, daily prayer, and whole-school announcements.

Finally, we see this new approach to school as a great opportunity to learn. Our school Improvements goals this year are about challenge, dialogue and collaboration. This new learning environment certainly meets those goals.

Kathy Neely